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Resolved “Something Is Wrong With the Data Files and Outlook Needs To Close”

One of the most common errors that the Outlook users encounter is that of “Something is wrong with the data files, and Outlook needs to close.” In order to solve this problem, it is important to know the cause of the problem. The following are the possible causes of the problem:

  • The error occurred due to a mistake in the installation of the network devices.
  • You are using an outdated version of the MS Office.
  • Improper activity is being carried out through the proxy settings in the Office Suite.

The problem fixation can involve more than one procedure. The demonstrates all the possible solutions that can fix this problem.

Solution 1: Disable Firewall And Other Security Applications

If you are getting “Something is wrong with the data files, and Outlook needs to close” error, then try fixing the problem by disabling the security applications and firewall. If you have any working antivirus in your system, switch it off for the next few minutes. Along with that, also disable the default firewall settings. Once you have disabled all the security programs, then use the Outlook. The chances are high that the problem is fixed. However, if you are still facing the problem, move to the second solution.

Solution 2: Uninstall And Install Office Suite

The second solution is that uninstall the outdated version of the Office Suite so that you can install the latest version of it. If you already have the license version of the Office, then you can directly login to install the newest version of Office Suite providing your username and password. Once, the latest version of Microsoft Office Suite is installed on your PC, try to use Outlook again. This should fix the problem but if the problem is persisting, try to use the third solution explained below.

Solution 3: Making Updates To The Windows Registry

If none of the above two solutions have worked for you, then there might be the problem in the Windows registry. This solution involves two steps:

Step 2: Now check the value of the current Window. Change the value to 0, if it is 1.

Now re-launch your Outlook program and check whether the problem has been fixed or not. Otherwise, you need a professional solution – a third Outlook OST repair tool to fix the problem that you are facing and recover the lost emails and items simultaneously.

Wrap Up

If none of these solutions have worked for you, then it means your OST file has been corrupt, and you are just wasting your time by looking/trying other solutions to fix the “Something is wrong with the data files, and Outlook needs to close” error message. The solution now is you install and use the OST to PST software so that you can convert OST to PST. And, once the conversion is complete, import the PST file in your Outlook to regain access to your data and see your Outlook working perfectly. OST to PST is one of the reliable OST Recovery tools for fixing Outlook issues. This tool is also available available in the trial version for free evaluation and use.

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