Apple Mail is one of the most widely used email communication systems that stores users’ data in .MBOX file. Though it is a preferred solution among several Mac users, there is a vast number of Mac users who are not happy with Apple mail, and they are switching to an advanced, feature-rich Office 365 email system.

To help those users who are willing to migrate Apple Mail emails to Office 365, we are going to demonstrate two processes of accessing Apple emails in Office 365. One of the processes is manual and the second method is automated. We will explain both processes in a step-by-step manner so that you can perform Apple Mail emails to Office 365 migration without any difficulty.

Before we proceed and describe the migration processes, let us first tell you why people are taking a break from Apple emails.

Reasons making users migrate Apple emails to Office 365

  1. Fewer features compared to Outlook 365
    Thanks to Microsoft that it has been continuously adding intuitive features in its Outlook email client. Top features like online mailbox access, calendar, meeting invites, etc. are making the professional tasks well-arranged and systematic. With so many advanced features and fast connectivity, migration to 365 is being done.
  2. No more restriction to desktop
    Office 365 provides the ability to access emails, contacts, calendars, etc. from any web browser and any corner of the world. It means you are not limited to Outlook desktop app as you do in case of Apple Mail.
  3. You are no more using Mac anymore
    It is yet another case when the users need to migrate Apple Mail to Office 365. This situation occurs when you work for a company and based on the project requirement, you need to switch between different machines running on a different operating system.

These are some of the possible reasons among much more due to which the migration is required. Whatever the reason is, let’s take you through some easy processes to perform Apple Mail to Office 365 migration.
Different Methods to Migrate Apple emails to Office 365

  1. Manual Method – IMAP

    One of the most commonly used methods to migrate emails from Apple to Office 365 is the use of IMAP feature. While it is a widely used method, you should consider using this technique only when:

    • You are a technical person
    • You have Outlook 365 installed and configured on your system
    • You have a working Gmail account
    • You can do some work around in Gmail and Outlook 365
    • You do not need access to everything stored in your Apple mail’s MBOX file
    • You want access to some essential emails from Apple Mail to Outlook 365

    If you met these conditions, perform the below-listed steps to implement a smooth migration:

    1. Launch Apple Mail and configure your Gmail account in Apple Mail using the IMAP feature.
    2. Now, create a new folder in your Gmail account within Apple Mail.
    3. As stated earlier, you can use this method for limited migration. You can select essential emails and move
    4. them to the new folder you just created in your Gmail account in Apple Mail.
    5. Now, start Office 365 and configure your Gmail account here as well using the IMAP feature.
    6. When the configuration is done, you will be able to see the new folder you created in your Gmail account in Apple Mail application.
    7. Open this folder, select emails, and move them to a folder in Office 365.
    8. Now, you can delete your Gmail account from Office 365 and Apple Mail as well.

    You are done with the Apple Mail to Outlook 365 migration.

  2. Automated Method – MBOX to PST Conversion using a professional tool

    The second process, also easier and faster, is the use of a professional MBOX to PST Conversion tool like MBOX to PST. MBOX is a file in which Apple Mail stores all your emails, attachments, and other useful data. You can open this file with the supported email clients like Thunderbird. But, unfortunately, Outlook 365 does not support MBOX file; it supports PST file only. So, you need to Convert MBOX to PST. And, once the conversion has been performed, you can import PST file in Office 365.

    Benefits of using a professional tool to migrate Apple Mail to Outlook 365

    1. Technical skills are not required
    2. No limit of migrating data from Apple to Office 365
    3. You get several saving options
    4. No limit for the size of Apple MBOX file
    5. Fast and quick results are provided
    6. Free demo version is available. So you can test the tool before you pay for the license

These are some of the top benefits among much more. You can enjoy those benefits if you decide to use a professional tool to migrate Apple Mail emails to Office 365.


Migrating emails from Apple to Office 365 is not an easy task if done without the use of an advanced email migration tool. However, a manual process is there that can be useful for those who are technically sound. Here we have demonstrated both manual and automated solutions, which you can use as per your requirements.

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  1. Hi Megha Sharma, I want to migrate my entire Apple mails to Office 365. Is there any step-by-step solution to perform such task? Suggest if any, please.

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