When a user imports Calendar items to Outlook through Import/Export Wizard or sync Outlook with different devices, then this situation arises that a number of duplicate Calendar entries and appointments are seen in Outlook. Here, we are discussing the methods to remove such duplicate Calendar entries in Outlook 2016.

Steps to remove duplicate Calendar items from Outlook 2016

To remove duplicate entries of Calendar and Appointments, one can follow the below steps:

  1. In Outlook, open the Calendar folder.
    open Calendar folder
  2. Change the view to List from the Change View tab
    Change View
  3. Click View Settings next to Change View.
    View Settings
  4. Click on Sort to change the order of items.
    Sort to change the order
  5. In the next window, select Subject in Sort items by drop-down menu, select Ascending option, and click Ok.
    select Ascending option
  6. Click Ok in Advanced View Settings: List window.

    Advanced View Settings

  7. The order of Calendar entries will be sorted by ‘Subject’; select all duplicate entries (use Ctrl button to select multiple entries).
    select all duplicate entries
  8. Right-click on selected entries and click on Delete to remove all duplicate entries.
    Delete to remove all duplicate entries

By following these steps, one can easily remove duplicate Calendar entries in Outlook 2016.

If you want to remove duplicate email entries, you can refer to Kernel for Outlook Duplicates Remover tool to remove duplicate emails from any version of Outlook.

Outlook Duplicates Remover tool

2 thoughts on “How to delete duplicate Calendar entries in Outlook 2016?”

  1. The tool that you mentioned “Kernel for Outlook Duplicates Remover”, do I have to buy the software, or the trial version works fine?

  2. Hello Angelina,
    The Trial version allows you to detect and delete only 10 duplicate items per folder and you will have 30 days validation period. If you liked the tool, I would suggest you to buy the premium version so that you will be able access the full functionalities of the software without any restrictions.

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