Google Hangouts is extensively used by organizations as well as Google users for instant conversation. In enterprises, it is used to connect with employees (particularly those who work remotely) and clients and to perform product demonstrations, customer support, interviews, webinars, etc. And sometimes, it becomes important to backup Google Hangouts conversations. There are two ways to backup Hangouts conversation.

  • Manual method to backup Hangouts conversations (using Gmail)
  • Automated method using Kernel G Suite Backup

Manual method to backup Hangouts conversations using Gmail

Google stores Hangouts chat sessions within Gmail, which is easily accessible using the Chats label. By using Gmail, you can easily see the past conversations you’ve had. Here is how you can save your Hangouts chats without much effort.

  1. Login to Gmail Account
    Login Gmail Account
  2. Click the Settings icon.
    Click the Settings icon.
  3. Note: Turn Hangouts history ON; otherwise the conversation will be deleted in 24 hours

  4. Click the Labels tab.
    Click the Labels tab
  5. In the Labels section, find the “Chats” option and click “Show” next to it. It enables chats in your mailbox.
    click Show next
  6. Navigate to the mailbox and find the “Chats” option and click on it to view all your Hangouts conversations.
    click on it to view
  7. Now find your Hangouts conversation you want to save (you can also use the search option to find your Hangouts chat) and click on it. It will open up in an email-like view format.
    open up in an email-like view
  8. Click on the Print option and save it as a PDF like a normal email.
    Click on the Print option and save it as a PDF

It will help you to save a one-day chat only. To save the complete chat history, one can also Press Shift + Down to manually select the entire chat. Then Copy and Paste (Keep source formatting) the chat in Microsoft Word.

An Automated Method to Backup Google Hangouts Chats

As we all can see, the manual method to backup Hangouts conversation is very lengthy and complicated. Still, with the help of an automated solution such as Kernel G Suite Backup, you can easily backup complete Hangout chat without loss of any data. With the help of the Kernel G Suite Backup tool, users can also backup Google Drive data, Emails, Contacts, Calendar/Appointments, etc.
 backup complete Hangout

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