AOL Mail is a web-based free email service provided by AOL. One disadvantage of this email client is that if your AOL Mail is inactive for 90 days, it will be automatically deactivated. Apart from that, the risk of security breaches and data loss is very high nowadays. To make sure you never lose your data from AOL Mail. Here we will discuss how to export AOL emails to the hard drive.

There are a few manual methods and automated third-party tools to export AOL emails to the PC.

DIY Methods to Export AOL Email to Hard Drive

First, we are going to discuss the manual procedures to export or backup AOL emails to the hard drive.

Method 1- Export AOL emails to Hard Drive using Print Message

  1. Sign in to AOL Mail using a valid username and password.
    Sign in to AOL Mail
  2. Go to the AOL Mail Inbox section.
    Goto Inbox section
  3. Select and open the email which you want to backup.
    Open Email for backup
  4. In the More section, click on Print Message.
    Click on print section
  5. Select the Save as PDF option and click on Next.
    Select Save as PDF option
  6. Provide the destination folder and click Save
    Click save

Method 2- Export AOL emails to Hard Drive using the View Message Source option

  1. Login to your AOL Mail using username/Mobile no/Email ID and Password.
  2. Go to Inbox or use the search option to select emails.
  3. In the More tab, select the View Message Source option.
    View Message Source option
  4. Press Ctrl + S button to save the file in .txt format at your given location.
    save the file in TXT format
  5. To view mail, change the .txt file extension to .eml.
  6. Double click on the file to view mail in Live mail.
    View email in Live mail

Drawbacks of Manual Methods

As we can see, the manual methods are simple, but there are also few drawbacks. Some are listed below:

  • No guarantee of saving complete data
  • Save only one email at a time
  • Not suitable to backup emails in bulk

Kernel IMAP Backup Tool to Export AOL Emails to Hard Drive

As we all know, there are many limitations to manual methods, and mostly they take a lot of time to save your emails. If there are only a few emails, you can take the backup of them one by one. But if you have a lot of emails for backup, you need to automate the backup process.

Here we have a solution, Kernel IMAP Backup Tool, which allows you to backup mailboxes from AOL to your hard drive in a few clicks. With this tool’s help, you can also backup your other IMAP email clients, like Gmail, Yahoo, Zimbra, GoDaddy, etc. data to your hard drive.

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