4 Top Reasons to Backup Your Office 365 Data

Almost every business or organization is using Office 365, the cloud platform offered by Microsoft. There are many myths about cloud platforms that the data is safe in the cloud environment, and so it does not require any backup. But that is just a myth. There are many reasons why Office 365 data needs backup. They include legal requirements, mandatory compliances, and the need to save data from the risk of loss. Here are the top 4 reasons to back up Office 365 data. Instant SAVIOR when Cloud data is…

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How to migrate Apple Mail emails to office 365

Apple Mail is one of the most widely used email communication systems that stores users’ data in .MBOX file. Though it is a preferred solution among several Mac users, there is a vast number of Mac users who are not happy with Apple mail, and they are switching to an advanced, feature-rich Office 365 email system. To help those users who are willing to migrate Apple Mail emails to Office 365, we are going to demonstrate two processes of accessing Apple emails in Office 365. One of the processes is…

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