There is no escaping the fact that the amount of data in your Gmail account is continually growing. Although you don’t need it for work, it still contains hundreds of personal messages, discount offers or any other important information. Using multiple, redundant storage systems, Google provides world-class data centers that guarantee data privacy and security.

Even so, if your important emails and data are being stored in email services like Gmail, you might want to reconsider. Whether it is a glitch or a hack, your account may get terminated at any time! You can best protect your data by storing it securely and backing it up. There is no doubt that Google has strong internal solutions to back up your Gmail mailbox, and we’ll show you how to backup and recover it with our easy methods.

Backup Gmail Mailbox Via Google Takeout

In Google Takeout, all the data in your Google account is backed up into one file, which can then be downloaded. With Google Takeout, you can download your mails, YouTube videos & Google Drive files. Here is how to use Google Takeout.

  • Type up into the address bar of your browser. To use the tool, you need to sign into your Google account. Once signed in, a Google Takeout dashboard appears as shown below:
    Google Takeout dashboard
  • On your screen, you can use the scroll bar to see a list of data that you can backup.
  • Under the Gmail option, check mark the box & choose from the two options:Multiple formats & All Mail data included.Multiple formats & All Mail data included
  • Once you have selected all the data types you’d like to back up, click the Next button in the lower left corner of your screen. The Customize archive Format screen comes up as shown below. click the Next button in the lower left corner of your screen
  • Next, you need to define the characteristics namely File type, Archive size & Delivery method.
  • Once you have selected your archive format options, tap on the Create Archive button in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • As your archive is being prepared, a notice will appear on the next screen. A notification email will be sent to you when your archive is ready. notification email will be sent to you when your archive is ready
  • Access the email and you need to tap on the Download archive button to get your Gmail Mailbox backup.

Using Desktop Email Client

You can also back up your Gmail email using desktop clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird (iOS), or Apple Mail. Below are the stepwise directions to backing up our Gmail Mailbox via Desktop Email client.

  • As a first step, we’ll configure our desktop client to retrieve messages from Gmail via IMAP.
  • Access Gmail and tap on Settings. Navigate to the option Forwarding and POP/IMAP & you need to see whether the IMAP is turned on or not.
  • In case IMAP isn’t enabled, tap on Enable IMAP.tap on Enable IMAP
  • According to Google, many desktop email programs are less secure than others. To enable access to your desktop email client, you will need to modify the security settings in your Gmail account. To begin with, navigate to You will get the My Account screen.
  • Next, click on the left side Security tab. click on the left side Security tab
  • Scroll down to get to the option Less Secure App Access.Scroll down to get to the option Less Secure App Access
  • Tap on the slider of the Allow less secure apps: option. Now, your desktop email client can connect to your Gmail account.Tap on the slider of the Allow less secure apps
  • You must then add your Gmail account to the desktop email client. Follow the steps below.

  • Access Microsoft Outlook & tap on File. As the Account Information screen appears, tap on the Add Account button.Access Microsoft Outlook & tap on File
  • You will be asked to enter your Gmail address and password. Fill out the information & tap on the Connect button.
  • Once you have connected your desktop account with your Gmail account, click OK. This will connect your accounts.
  • You’ll receive an email in your Outlook quoting Microsoft Outlook Test Message. Likewise, you’ll receive a message in your Gmail account.

From now on, Gmail messages will be sent to MS Outlook as well. Your Gmail messages can still be viewed through Outlook if you lose access to your Gmail account. Keep in mind that deleting a message from Gmail will also delete it from Outlook.

Gmail Backup: Best Practices to Follow

  1. Check The Backup Files & Folders Regularly
    Even if you have an automatic backup utility, you should still check your backup files periodically to ensure the utility is functioning properly. Check the documentation of your backup utility or contact the backup software support team if you don’t see backup files or if backup files are 0 bytes in size.
  2. Automatic & Manual Backups
    There are some Gmail backup tools that let you schedule an automatic backup, but most don’t. As you receive more and more emails, you may need to back up your Gmail more often. Make sure you understand what backup system you are using. You can manually back up your Gmail messages if your utility does not allow scheduling routine backups.
  3. Keep track of the Backup Storage Space
    Make sure you know how much space you have for backups. Whenever you reach your storage limit, you should consider storing older backups somewhere else or removing them.

    Keep good Gmail security practices in mind. Even with a Gmail backup system in place, you do not want to lose important emails. Your goal should still be to keep your account as safe as possible. Use secure passwords for any Gmail account you use and be sure to follow the Gmail online security measures.

Using the Utility Backup Tool

As we are now well versed with the easy manual methods and top practices to keep in mind while backing up and recovering Gmail Mailbox, we have got the best and the quickest resolution at last. It is the Kernel G Suite Backup Tool. We will no longer struggle with so many steps to back up our Gmail Mailbox but now we can do it in just a few clicks with this amazing tool.

Download Software

This tool is known for an easy backup of G Suite mailboxes to PST without Outlook, quick backup of Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, & Google Drive files. You can even save your backed up mailbox as PST, HTML, MSG, MHTML, DOC, DOCX, PDF, EML and more. For selective backup, advanced filters like Folder, Date, Item type, etc. are also available.

Moreover, use the P 12 key to sign in. It permits you to connect the tool to your respective Service account. This software is free and can backup 10 items per folder. You can backup up to 10 items in every folder in your G Suite account. A Google Drive backup of five documents will also be taken each time.

The Bottomline

We have jotted down this useful info. After days of research, every step is tested and applied. We hope you will easily follow our blog and get a successful backup of your Gmail Mailbox. To make things much easier for you, we gave you your personal backup tool. With this, your Gmail Mailbox backup will be completed in seconds with more advanced features alongside. The software is available online so, take a try and it will be worth a shot for sure.

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